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UNAMI Cheif Kobler pulls trigger of future attacks on Liberty and Ashraf

Sunday, 17 March 2013 07:42 Beyond insolence, fabrication and deception! In yet another misleading letter, SRSG Martin Kobler pulls trigger of future attacks on Liberty and Ashraf • Kobler has blood on innocent on his hands; United Nations and its history ought to be cleansed from this stigma, shame and facilitation of crime against humanity Martin Kobler took yet another step in fabrication and deception. Instead of apologizing and expressing regret for his infamous role in facilitating crime against humanity at Camp Liberty that to this point has led to the slaying of eight defenseless and innocent refugees, the death of another five due to medical restrictions and blockade, and the wounding of 100, in another hideous letter to Mrs. Rajavi, Kobler pulled the trigger for future attacks on Liberty and Ashraf on March 15. In this letter while attempting to justify his role and that of his wife in the death of Hamid Rabi, he resorted to lies regarding the security measures and the medical conditions in Camp Liberty. In a revolting utter lie to escape the urgent matter of residents’ security and the rocket attack, he complained of the treatment of his staff by the residents and requested access of the monitors to all parts of the camp! In another case of his meddling in the affairs relating to residents and the UNHCR which he has been numerously told to keep his distance, he requested continuation of the interviews and acceptance of resettlement in minute numbers. In the end, quoting the report that he himself has sent to New York, in the method disclosed by the previous UNAMI official responsible for the case of Ashraf, to be published in the name of Secretary-General, Kobler complained of "unjust focus against the SRSG" and requested that international protests against him by advocates of security and rights of residents of Liberty and Ashraf seize. Justification of his role and that of his wife in the death of Hamid Rabi 1- Kobler writes: "I am particularly grateful to the German government for its cooperation to airlift Mr. rawi to Germany for medical treatment. His condition, however did not allow an air evacuation." This is a great lie to cover up the one-month-long delay of Kobler and his wife in transferring Hamid Rabi to Germany. Since February 12, the name of Hamid Rabi as one of the ten critically wounded of February 9 attack was announced and before that date was also discussed with UNAMI officials in Baghdad. 2- As given in the March 13 statement by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI): "The Iranian Resistance had repeatedly requested for his immediate transfer to Germany from the UN, the UNHCR, and particularly the World Health Organization (WHO). He held refuge passport and permanent residency from Germany. Hamid Rabi personally raised this issue with the officials of WHO on February 10. German dignitaries raised the issue of critical condition of Hamid Rabi with the Foreign Ministry and Interior Ministry officials of Germany on March 9 and requested his immediate transfer to Germany." 3- Contrary to Kobler’s claim, nowhere did government of Germany agree to the transfer of Mr. Hamid Rabi; not in Berlin, nor in Koln (Hamid’s place of refuge) or in Baghdad and until his death no authority from the German government accepted his admittance. This was while NCRI had guaranteed in writing to pay for all of his expenses in Germany. 4- On March 11, residents’ representative wrote to the UNHCR that Hamid Rabi "After one month, he is still struggling to survive. He is a refugee in Germany and has permanent residence in that country. However, in spite of our insistence, the German government has not agreed on his return up until this moment. He was seriously wounded in his abdomen and spinal cord and lost sense in his waist down to his legs. His spleen was totally disintegrated by shrapnel so that the doctors removed it all in an operation." 5- Representative of German Embassy went to the hospital on March 13, a few hours before Hamid’s death, to learn about his condition. This representative told Hamid’s company in the hospital that his situation was not critical and there was no rush for his transfer. 6- Impossibility for an air-evacuation of Hamid is also another shameless lie. From February 26 until March 9, for a period of eleven days, Hamid had been discharged from the hospital and transferred to Camp Liberty. Instead of being transferred to Liberty, he could have been transferred to Germany. The shrapnel remaining in his intestine caused continuous hemorrhage and his retransfer to the hospital and another surgery to remove part of the intestine. 7- Kobler intentionally hides the fact that in addition to Hamid Rabi, two other martyrs, Yahya Nazari and Ali Ahmadi who died in the hospital, were both refugees in Germany and by a mere extension stamp, German Embassy could have saved their lives. He fails to mention that since fifteen months ago he had numerously promised transfer of 300 residents of Ashraf who are refugees in Germany. Neither does he recall that officers of the German consulate interviewed Mr. Hamid Rabi and ninety-eight other refugees of Germany in Camp Liberty in December 2012 but to no avail. Kobler is a prime example of a famous saying by Bertolt Brecht in 1938 who said: "Someone who doesn’t know the truth is just thick-headed. But someone who does know it and calls it a lie is a crook" Security considerations in Camp Liberty 8- Kobler writes: "we continue to fully support your security demands vis a vis the government of iraq. i hear progress has been made during the last week. we continue to follow up during the week to come" Another case of fabrication and crime. Thirty-five days past the rocket attack, Government of Iraq has bluntly turned down almost all requisites of residents for elementary security arrangements or in effect has left them up in the air. This matter has been reported dozens of times in Liberty Daily Reports, in letters of residents’ representatives, and in various meetings with UN, U.S. and Iraqi officials. 9. UNAMI military experts have explicitly stated that since residents are stationed in containers, the only thing that may reduce the casualties of rocket or mortar attacks, are the T-walls. Concurrent with moving of residents to Camp Liberty in February 2012 and the subsequent weeks, despite protests from the residents, Iraqi forces removed 17500 T-walls from Camp Liberty and left the containers vulnerable to any attack. Nonetheless, Government of Iraq now opposes return of the T-walls despite residents’ repeated requests for the T-walls to be returned not allowing entry of even one T-wall. 10- Government of Iraq has not permitted the residents to bring their protective helmets and vests from Ashraf. At the time that Ashraf was protected by U.S. forces, in the framework of defense and protection agreed upon with the Americans, residents had these gears. Residents have not even been allowed to bring picks, spades and sandbags to Liberty to build rudimentary trenches. 11. During this period only few dozens of small and thin bunkers, a lot of which could be found outside Liberty, had been brought into the camp which are by no means adequate for Liberty residents. Yet, repeated requests for transferring crane and flatbed truck of residents from Ashraf to Liberty for carrying these few and small bunkers have been left unanswered. 12. These limitations are imposed at a time when the U.S. embassy in Baghdad warned U.S. citizens in Iraq on February 11 "of continued incidents of violence in Iraq" and reiterated " Attacks similar to what occurred on February 9, may occur at any time". On the other hand, in the course of Maliki’s acting Interior Minister Adnan Assadi’s visit to Iran, Khamenei tasked, through Qassem Soleimani, the GOI and Maliki himself to provide groups associated with the Quds Force, such as Kataeb Hezbollah and Asaib al-Haq, with all facilities to target the PMOI in Iraq. In return, the Iranian regime has promised Maliki to give him all support to suppress the uprising of Iraqi people. Camp Liberty medical condition 13. While the residents are suffering from lack of medical services and the Iraqi clinic lacks even minimum facilities of a village clinic Kobler writes impudently, "It was reported to me that in some instances residents have difficulties to get medical treatment in the Iraqi clinic as they are not referred to the Iraqi clinic by the residents medical staff. I urge to allow unimpeded access by each and every resident who wishes to receive treatment in the Iraqi clinic". Earlier, by making lies, Martin Kobler tried tens of times to represent the Iraqi clinic as a well-equipped medical center. UNAMI under his supervision wrote in a completely false report in December 2012, "A medical facility is staffed by an Iraqi doctor. Ambulances are on constant standby." This facility is nothing but two or three worn-out trailers without any preliminary medical equipment. 14. Hereby Kobler sought to make the NCRI revealing statement of March 14 neutral and ineffective. The statement expresses concern regarding the outbreak of dangerous diseases in Liberty such as hemorrhage fever and infectious meningitis, which according to specialist doctors, is due to insanitary condition of the camp and activation of various microbes due to tilting the ecologic balance because of missile attack on Liberty. It also points out, "What makes this condition even more dangerous is the continued inhuman medical siege that has been imposed on Ashraf residents for more than four years. The latest case was the death of Mansour Koufei on March 12 at the Iraqi clinic in Liberty. So far, Liberty residents and their representatives have repeatedly warned U.S. and UN officials, especially World Health Organization, regarding unacceptable hygienic condition of Liberty and lack of medical equipment in the camp." 15. On the one hand, Liberty residents are denied minimum medical facilities which they had in their own clinic at Ashraf and the GOI prevents their transfer to Liberty, and on the other hand, the Iraqi clinic in Liberty lacks minimum necessities and preliminary equipment needed to take care of emergency cases, and the residents have no free access to medical services. This clinic does not have suction apparatus, airway tube, laryngoscope set and end tracheal tube, D.C shock device, Adrenalin and Zantac injection, IVG-tube, CV Linen set and many other requirements that could be found in any small clinic. 16. On February، 15 2012 and before the first group of residents moved to Liberty, Kobler wrote, "Residents in need of specialized medical and hospital treatment will be directed to these institutions by the Iraqi doctors in the medical clinic in CL. The residents will bring their medical equipment to CL." However, this was another Kobler’s false pledges that never came true, and despite residents’ repeated requests, no equipment was allowed to be transferred to Liberty. 17. During missile attack on Liberty on February 9, the Iraqi clinic did not react at all and the first injured resident was taken to hospital two hours after the attack started. The Iraqi clinic is not even able to quickly refer emergency patients to hospital, and contrary to Kobler lies, it holds only one ambulance. Treating UN monitors and access to different parts of the camp 18. In his letter to Mrs. Rajavi, Kobler, in a very despicable pre-emptive tactic, writes: "i am particularly concerned by an increasingly aggressive behavior of liberty residents vis a vis our monitors. in one instance monitors had to be withdrawn last week due to security reasons. please allow monitors unimpeded access to the sections." Apparently, Kobler means an Afghan person called Massoud Durrani whose relations and systematic efforts for taking Liberty residents to a hotel in Baghdad which is in control of the mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence is known to all the residents. On Kobler’s instructions, on March 14, he went to camp Liberty for the first time after the February 9 missile attack. In order to provoke the residents regarding the martyrdom of Hamid Rabi and in response to the residents’ protest for not transferring Hamid to Germany, he responded with sarcasm: "No problem. He will go to heaven!" 19. In a letter, on March 14, to Secretary-General, the residents’ representative wrote in this regard: "Such behavior, just a day after the death of Hamid Rabi, would it be the conduct of a UN observer or a personal staff member of Kobler serving the mullahs’ Gestapo? The residents of Liberty immediately informed their representatives in Iraq and outside Iraq that in order to prevent any kind of intentional provocation, they will no longer talk to this person. The man’s extremely provocative and insulting behavior, is an effort to smear the role of Kobler and his wife, the German Ambassador to Iraq, that their one-month delay in sending Mr. Rabi to Germany resulted in his life being lost." 20. Also, prior to that on January 13 he delivered the message of one of the agents of the mullahs’ intelligence to one of the residents which caused the residents’ wrath. On January 27, the Vice president of the European Parliament wrote to Secretary-General, "the head-monitor of UNAMI has become a messenger for the mullahs’ intelligence agents.... Therefore I urge you to end this illegal process immediately and prevent these unacceptable actions from taking place under the name of the United Nations. These actions put the lives of 3200 Iranian refugees in Iraq and their families in danger." 21. Lack of access to different parts of the camp is another lie made up by Kobler which the residents’ representatives in Paris, Liberty and Ashraf have responded to time and again, both orally and in writing (including in August 18 and November 12, 2012 letters to Kobler and in November14, 2012 letter to Kobler’s deputy, and in the residents’ representative’s letter to United Nations Undersecretary for Political Affairs on March 8, 2013) and they have asked Kobler to mention when, where, and who has prevented which monitor or UNAMI official from having free access or from having private interview. He never responded to this question. His incitement of repeating this blatant lie is to prepare the grounds for another attack against camp Liberty. 22. The residents and their representatives have time and again written to Kobler: "Opening the doors of Liberty to lawyers, journalists, parliamentarians, and human rights defenders that we have been calling for from the onset is the only viable way to put an end on these allegations. In insist that in line with the February1, March1, and March 28 statements of the UNHCR, in an official statement defend the freedom of movement of the residents and opening the doors of this detention center so that everyone, except the religious fascism ruling Iran, would have free access to Liberty and its residents". 23. In his March 8 letter to United Nations Undersecretary for Political Affairs the residents’ representative wrote: "I suggest that you form an independent delegation, not in the framework of UNAMI, to go to Liberty and Ashraf and visit everywhere closely and report back to you." Interfering in UNHCR’s affairs and depicting situation as normal 24. Once again, by interfering in the affairs related to the residents and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, in his letter, Kobler asked for the continuation of the interviews and the gradual resettlement. Prior to that, the residents’ representative had strongly asked him to avoid interfering in such affairs. On February 22, residents’ representative wrote to Kobler’s deputy: "I would like to point out that the residents’ lawyers and representatives in Geneva and Liberty are in direct contact with the UNHCR. Accordingly and in light of the whole background and the blood which was shed in Liberty, the residents by no means want and accept Mr. Kobler’s and UNAMI’s intervention in their refugee status process and their relation with UNHCR whatsoever and do not trust it. We, therefore, shall not answer to any letter from you regarding UNHCR and refugee process." 25. On February 23, the residents’ representative once again wrote: "to prevent further massacre, we severely warn Mr. Kobler to beware and not to intervene and make obstructions on this matter....Pressurizing the residents to continue with the interviews instead of resolving the urgent issue of security is only a mask to cover up the essential dilemma of security and it will increase the dangers which a great majority of the residents who will be remaining in Camp Liberty for a long time would face. I strongly recommend the residents and you not to fall into such a bloody trap. It is indeed a despicable act to endanger others' lives." 26. On March 11, the residents’ representative wrote to High Commissioner for Refugees: "Mrs. Rajavi has illustrated the degree of goodwill which was unexpected even to Al-Maliki, as admitted by Martin Kobler... However, we cannot give in on the issue of the safety and security of the residents. Neither can we be careless about it or make a deal on it... remaining in Camp Liberty and returning to the business as usual and accepting the one-by-one trend of resettlement and continuing with the interviews as they were before is not the option which would help the residents' security; this will only pave the ground for another killing and then once again both of us should blame ourselves. We are indeed seeking resettlement of the residents more than anyone and are making every effort in this respect. However, in this new circumstances resettlement of a limited number of the residents would jeopardize the lives of huge majority of the residents remaining in Liberty and no dignified person would agree with this. Therefore, since February 9, the residents and we have been pressing on two options; collective transfer of all residents to the United State, albeit temporarily, or return to Ashraf and the continuation of RSD and gradual resettlement from there. I can assure you that we and the residents would offer maximum cooperation to the UNHCR in implementation of either of these options." 27. On March 14, the residents’ representative wrote to High Commissioner for Refugees: "Not transferring a person who was critically wounded and he had German travel document as well as permanent residence in Germany, clearly indicates how dangerous it would be to keep the residents in this killing field of Liberty under the pretext of interview and a mirage of transfer to a third country after 2000 of them have already been interviewed. This would only pave the ground for further massacres as it has been a trap laid out by Martin Kobler since one and half year ago to entrap the residents as well as the United Nations and the international community in a wicked plan to fulfill the demands of the Iranian regime and the Iraqi government. However, this deceptive promise is no longer valid." Presenting Kobler’s positions and report in UNSG’s name 28. Quoting Secretary-General’s report on March 12 which is clear that it was written by Kobler, he writes: "I am deeply concerned by the unwarranted focus on my Special Representative by those who express support for the residents of Camp Hurriya and the remaining residents of Camp New Iraq. I would urge them to cease spreading insults and falsehoods about the Special Representative and instead help promote a durable solution. …Similarly, the significant funds evidently spent in high-profile lobbying could be more usefully utilised in improving aspects of the humanitarian conditions often cited in media and lobbying campaigns…." 29. On December11, 2012, in the British Parliament, Dr. Boumedra, who was introduced by the Secretary-General as UNAMI’s Special advisor on Ashraf affairs, and who was in charge of Ashraf dossier for three and a half years, testified about such reports and mentioned: "Before I do anything I have to make sure that my report will satisfy the SRSG. And I know that whatever I report the report will be rewritten at what we call the front desk of the SRSG. So, he's got his own staff who have never been out of that office, his staff don't know the situation on the ground, his staff never met any Ashrafi, and yet their words on those reports preferred from my report coming form the ground. So, whatever I report it never reaches New York, it never reaches Washington. And what I am saying applies to my counterparts within the American embassy because we visit the Camp together, we report objectively what we saw and what we heard and yet New York and Washington never receive the reports that reflect the reality on the ground, simply because of the level of the United Nations, the SRSG office, Special Representative of the Secretary General office, will reshape the whole thing and put it the way it should be done because we are there to report and to keep everybody happy. When Al-Maliki is happy, the Secretary General of the United Nations is happy." 30. Dr. Boumedra made similar statement in his official testimony in the US Congress under oath. He also stipulated in British Parliament that he is ready to testify in any court in proof of the verity of his statement. 31. On February11, after the missile attack on Liberty, Boumedra stipulated: "I warned again that there will be further attacks. There will be further attacks and there will be arrests. But why is the United Nations keeping quiet on this? These are plans, we know them. We put them. In fact, a lot of people asked the question why Kobler is more enthusiastic about closing down Camp Ashraf and moving people to Camp Liberty more than anybody else, more than the Iraqis themselves. Why? And let me tell you, that he is a man who is in charge of a mission. The mission is to establish some love relationship between UNAMI and Prime Minister al-Malaki I want ot say that as long as the people in charge of the Ashraf case are misleading the international community and the international community is taking seriously what they are saying, there will be again serious crimes taking place in Camp Liberty. It is time to stop it! How to stop it? To me it is very obvious while the prison format of UNAMI is even in place there will be massacres and there will be cover-ups. The human right reports, and I said it before Congress, have been doctored. We prepare reports with the intention not to upset al-Malaki. These reports, before they are made public, are revised in Geneva and in New York and the have the last word. Anything that is likely to upset al-Malaki is deleted. This is how we functioned in UNAMI." 32. The former chief of UMANI Human Rights office in Iraq added: "The Public Information Office of UNAMI made its task to, on a daily basis, collect all the information published, whether in Iraq or outside Iraq, that reports negative things about Ashrafis. We put them in a report and present them to all United Nations quarters to show how the press reports about the Ashrafis. And this is done intentionally to harm Ashrafis. I have lots of very important issues to bring to the attention, not of this public, but to New York." 33. Boumedra mentioned: "I take responsibility for what I'm saying, aimed at New York. They should dispatch immediately a commission of enquiry not only to look into the circumstances of this massacre but also to look into how UNAMI and Kobler are handling this situation. This is an option. The second option is to take what I'm saying as defamation of the United Nations and take me to court. So, keeping quiet is not a solution, not an answer. I am a witness and I'm saying what I'm saying, taking responsibility. Take me to court or dispatch a commission of enquiry, but to keep quiet is unacceptable." 34. It seems that Kobler is very infuriated that small part of his role in accumulating the residents in Liberty prison and paving the path for their killing in this prison has been revealed and therefore he has not been able to pursue his mission, which was to destroy the opposition to the religious fascism ruling in Iran. In March 8 letter of representative of the residents to political deputy of Secretary-General, in details it was revealed that Kobler in October 2011 entered Ashraf with the mandate of closing Ashraf and as he has said a number of times to the representative of the residents, 90 per cent of his energy and resources and of UNAMIs has been allocated to relocation of the residents from Ashraf to Liberty. 35. Kobler promised Danaifar, Iranian regime’s Ambassador in Baghdad, that after the relocation of the residents to Liberty prison and under the inhumane conditions, half of them will surrender and will return to Iran (Fars News agency, Jan 24, 2012). Now that this mission has been defeated, he unjustifiably is accusing and offending the dignified political personalities and Parliamentarians and religious leaders who have risen to defend the rights of Iran’s opposition and defenseless refugees in Liberty. 36. In last one year, Kobler tried, in many ways, to silence the defenders of Ashraf. Now that he has not succeeded, he is accusing them of lobbying. They are dignified men and women who defend the humanitarian values, human rights and rights of refugees and they will not compromise with those who have sold their conscious and dignity to Khamenei and Maliki. Whoever defends Kobler has backed off from values of United Nations and Human rights and humanitarian standards and rights of refugees. 37. General Phillips who was in charge of Ashraf security, in February 11, in his speech in regards to rocket attack against Liberty, addressing Kobler said: "You are obviously a puppet of the mullahs’ regime; you set the conditions for these murders to occur. Yet you refused to even go to the scene of the atrocities. What does the mullahs’ regime have on you? What do they hold over your head? I wonder that what you have done that has been so bad that you will sanction and be complicit in premeditated murders of people espousing freedom." Now Kobler, instead of answering these legitimate questions, ridiculously gives a reverse impression and complains about the "significant funds spent for lobbying" for the defenseless refugees in Liberty. 38. The UNAMI website has announced the anti-human regime of the Mullahs is among the financial supporters of UNAMI. Kobler must answer this question that reciprocally, what none written commitments he has accepted on behalf of the regime? 39. The reality is that Kobler’s hand is tainted with the blood of innocent people. This stigma and disgrace must be cleared from the face and history of the United Nations. It is not only Ashraf and Liberty residents who are harassed by Kobler’s partiality in favor of Maliki and its crimes, but also Iraqi people in their wide spread movement against the dictator of new Iraq, see Kobler as an element of suppression and pressure of Maliki and they have asked for his replacement with an impartial representative. 40. Iranian residents asks the upcoming session of the Security Council to form an impartial delegation to investigate about the perpetrators and facilitators of the Feb 9 crime and refer them to International criminal court, bound the Iraqi government to return Liberty residents to Ashraf for their minimum security and ask the Secretary-General to appoint an impartial and competent representative for solving the issue of Liberty and Ashraf. Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran March 16, 2013

Any solution for Liberty should be quick and should include all of the population

Sunday, 17 March 2013 08:02 According to AP "The Albanian government says it is offering asylum to 210 members of an Iranian opposition group" in camp Liberty. This was announced "Saturday after meeting with U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Barbara Leaf, the U.N. envoy in Iraq, Martin Kobler, and other officials'. Iranian resistance while appreciating the Government of Albania and Prime Minister Berisha for their humanitarian gesture, is strongly opposed to any engagement of Martin Kobler, who is pursuing the political objective of the Iranian regime and the Prime Minister of Iraq- Nouri-al-Maliki, on the issue of resettlement that is within the jurisdiction of the UNHCR and find Kobler's involvement against the safety and security of the residents. Accepting 210 residents of Liberty by the Government of Albania is not anything new. This was agreed upon during the visit of the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from Tirana past November. The Special representative of the US Secretary of State on Ashraf, Ambassador Dan Fried in a letter on November 22, 2012 to the representative of Ashraf and Liberty residents wrote: "As you may have heard, the Government of Albania has confirmed privately that it is prepared to accept for resettlement up to 210 former Ashraf residents. UNHCR is now preparing referrals to the Government of Albania and may be in contact with leaders of Camp Liberty to discuss this. I hope and expect that the leaders at Camp Liberty and your own leadership will welcome this news and will cooperate fully with UNHCR to carry out this important resettlement. I urge you and the MEK not to make this offer public, but to work quietly with UNHCR to help your people leave Iraq in safety for a better future. The MEK’s cooperation in making this relocation effort to Albania a success will encourage other governments to move more swiftly in accepting former Ashraf residents for resettlement". Now, Kobler in a propaganda trip to Tirana and by raising an old agreement wants to cover up his wicked role in transferring Asharf residents to Liberty, which is a prison, and a killing field. The notion that Liberty residents "refuse leaving Iraq" is a lie that Kobler propagates. Quite contrary, the Iranian resistance has done its utmost in the past two years to find host countries for Ashraf residents. As such, after the Albanian Government's agreement to accept 210 of the residents, the representatives of the residents in a written commitment to the Albanian Government in Tirana guaranteed that the resistance will accept all the expenditure and cost regarding these people and sought that the number of people be increased. But following the February 9 rocket attack on Camp Liberty and in light of the fact that all the Camp Liberty residents are in danger of similar attacks, the residents and their representatives have announced that as long as the residents of Liberty are facing the danger of similar massacre, transferring small groups of Liberty residents to outside of Iraq, would simply increase the threat and danger for the majority who would stay in Liberty. Thus, there are only two options: The first option is the immediate, even temporary transfer of all the residents to the U.S. or to a European country and permanent resettlement from there or the return of all of the residents to Camp Ashraf and the continuation of resettelement process from Ashraf, including transfer to Albania from Ashraf. Any solution should be quick and should include all of the population. The residents in two joint letters, on February 14 and March 15 each of the letters signed by more than 3,000 signatures raised these points to the attention of the UN Secretary General, the UN High Commission for Refugees, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the US authorities and the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs . Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran March 16, 2013

Hamid Rabi’ (Abbas Djoohari), der beim Raketetenanschlag auf Liberty verwundet wurde, in kritischem Zustand

Am gestrigen Samstagmorgen erlitt Herr Hamid Rabi’ (Abbas Djoohari), der bei dem verbrecherischen Geschossanschlag auf Camp Liberty am 9. Februar 2013 verwundet wurde, eine Magenblutung und wurde sofort in ein Bagdader Krankenhaus gebracht. Später trat die Blutung erneut ein und er fiel ins Koma. Die Ärzte hatten mehrmals Bluttransfusionen vorgenommen. Bewohner von Liberty sind gebeten worden, in das Krankenhaus zu fahren und Blut zu spenden. Hamid Rabi’ war nach mehreren Operationen kürzlich nach Liberty zurückgekehrt und sein Zustand ist nach wie vor ernst. Herr Rabi’, von Beruf Ingenieur, ist 51 Jahre alt und hat als politischer Flüchtling lange in Deutschland gelebt. Er wurde bei dem Anschlag vom 9. Februar auf Liberty verwundet; getroffen wurden sein Magen, sein Kochenmark und einige Wirbel. Ein Schrapnell durchdrang sein Knochenmark, wodurch er vom Bauch abwärts gelähmt ist. Die Ärzte entfernten vollständig seine Milz, die von dem Schrapnell zerschmettert war. Alle Behörden der Vereinten Nationen einschließlich der Weltgesundheitsorganisation sind über diese Zuspitzung informiert worden. Ihre Vertreter hatten den kritischen Zustand Herrn Rabis’s bereits bezeugt. In Anbetracht der Lebensgefahr, in der Herr Rabi’ schwebt, ruft der iranische Widerstand die Vereinten Nationen, das UNHCR und besonders die Weltgesundheitsorganisation auf, ihn unverzüglich zur Behandlung nach Deutschland zu bringen. Er besitzt bereits einen Reiseausweis als Flüchtling und hat eine unbefristete Aufenthaltserlaubnis dieses Landes. Sekretariat des Nationalen Widerstandsrates Iran 10. März 2013

Samstag, 22. September 2012

Volks Modjahedin iran keine terroristische Vereinigung

USA: Mudschahidin keine terroristische Vereinigung mehr Euronews: Die USA haben die iranische Oppositionsbewegung Modschahedin–e Chalgh, auch Volksmudschahidin genannt, von ihrer Liste der terroristischen Vereinigungen gestrichen. Washington folgte damit der Europäischen Union, die die Gruppe bereits im Jahr 2009 aus ihrem Verzeichnis getilgt hatte. Die Organisation kämpfte gegen die Herrschaft des persischen Schah und nach der iranischen Revolution von 1979 gegen die islamische Führung des Landes. 2003 hatten die Mitglieder ihre Entwaffnung erklärt. Die Organisation soll nun ihre Basis im irakischen Camp Ashraf verlassen und auf einen ehemaligen amerikanischen Militärstützpunkt in Bagdad umziehen. Im Irak hatte die Bewegung bereits unter Saddam Hussein Unterschlupf gefunden.

Samstag, 8. September 2012

Gholamreza Khosravis Hinrichtung verhindern!

Eilaktion von Amnesty International: Hinrichtung verhindern! Des politische Gefangene Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani hat im Iran mehr als 40 Monate in Einzelhaft verbracht und wurde gefoltert, nachdem er sich geweigert hatte, ein "Geständnis" abzulegen. Amnesty International hat am 10. August eine Eilaktion zur Rettung des politischen Gefangenen Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani (Bild) gestartet, der in Gefahr ist, am 10. September 2012 in Teheran hingerichtet zu werden. In der Eilaktion von AI heißt es unter anderem: Die Familie des 50-ährigen zum Tode Verurteilten hat angegeben, ihr sei im Juli 2012 mitgeteilt worden, dass das gegen Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani ergangene Todesurteil am 10. September 2012 vollstreckt werden würde. Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani, der nach vorliegenden Meldungen seit seiner Festnahme im Jahr 2010 in verschiedenen Hafteinrichtungen mehr als 40 Monate in Einzelhaft verbracht hat, sitzt seit Juli 2011 im Evin-Gefängnis in Teheran ein. Eine Zeitlang war er dort in Trakt 240 inhaftiert. Nach seiner Festnahme soll Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani zunächst in einer Hafteinrichtung des Geheimdienstministeriums in Kerman im Süden des Landes festgehalten worden sein. Dort ist der 50-Jährige offenbar gefoltert oder anderweitig misshandelt worden, nachdem er sich Berichten zufolge geweigert hatte, ein "Geständnis" abzulegen. … Die iranischen Behörden machen in exzessiver Weise von der Todesstrafe Gebrauch: Nach Angaben aus offiziellen wie inoffiziellen Quellen sind im Jahr 2011 mehr als 600 Menschen hingerichtet worden. Im November 2011 äußerte sich der UN-Menschenrechtsausschuss, der die Einhaltung der Bestimmungen des Internationalen Pakts über bürgerliche und politische Rechte überwacht, in seinen Abschließenden Bemerkungen besorgt über die Zahl der in Iran verhängten und vollstreckten Todesurteile. … Der Lehrer Abdolreza Ghanbari ist ebenfalls wegen Verbindungen zur PMOI zum Tod verurteilt worden. Er war nach sechs Monaten regierungsfeindlicher Demonstrationen gegen die umstrittenen Präsidentschaftswahlen aus Anlass des Ashura-Festes vom 27. Dezember 2009 festgenommen worden. Im Evin-Gefängnis, in das die Behörden Abdolreza Ghanbari unmittelbar nach seiner Festnahme eingewiesen hatten, soll er gefoltert und anderweitig misshandelt worden sein. Kontakt zu einem Rechtsbeistand durfte er nicht aufnehmen. Am 30. Januar 2010 wurde Abdolreza Ghanbari vom Revolutionsgericht in Teheran nach einem unfairen Prozess aufgrund seiner vermeintlichen Verbindungen zur PMOI wegen "Feindschaft zu Gott" zum Tode verurteilt. Die Berufungsinstanz hielt Urteil und Strafmaß aufrecht. Abdolreza Ghanbari stellte daraufhin beim Amnestie- und Begnadigungsausschuss einen Antrag auf Begnadigung, der aber Ende Februar 2012 abgewiesen wurde. Sobald die Oberste Justizautorität das Todesurteil gegen Abdolreza Ghanbari bestätigt, muss der Gefangene mit seiner Hinrichtung rechnen. In Iran sind noch weitere politischer Straftaten schuldig gesprochene Gefangene unmittelbar vom Vollzug der Todesstrafe bedroht. Es handelt sich um Habibollah Golparipour, Zaniar Moradi und Loghman Moradi, Angehörige der kurdischen Minderheit im Iran; um Mansour Heidari und Amir Muawi (oder Mo'avi), die der arabischen Minderheit der Ahwazi im Iran angehören; sowie um Saeed Malekpour und Hamid Ghassemi-Shall. zur Eilaktion von Amnesty International