Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012

MEK-Ashraf: State Departments’ Crying Shame

MEK-Ashraf: State Departments’ Crying Shame Relocation of more convoys from Ashraf has been halted due to failure of the Iraqi government to provide minimum humanitarian needs. New York, New York (United States) (OFFICIAL WIRE) July 9, 2012 Leave a Comment PrevNext ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me’ The State department’s new low of sling mudding the main opposition to clerical tyrants in Iran (MEK), was not a surprise for wise men. The garbling of facts only put a spotlight on the departments’ malfeasant while helping us understand the numerous questions raised by the opposition (MEK) and Camp Ashraf residents: How dangerous is one “CEMENT BAG” to US national security? One of the items discussed during talks for MEK members in Camp Liberty has been concrete mix, which the residents wish to buy at their own expense in order to provide walking paths for the handicapped personnel who have been disabled by US provided Humvees and arms during the violent attack of Iraqi forces in 2011 and 2009. Surprising as it is, the US State Departments conduct; blackmailing the residents and offering basic rights in exchange for closure of Camp Ashraf, is a role model for “petty crime” and incredibly distant even for Political lows. How irrelevant is a vehicle for disabled persons in a desert compound? A guilty conscience needs no accuser: More than 1000 defenseless residents were seriously wounded and handicapped during the 2011 violent Iraqi attack on camp Ashraf. 24 majorities of houses of parliament’s world wide condemned the tragedy and questioned US role and pre-hand knowledge of the attack. The victims have been extremely contingent on International help to regain the minimum living conditions stipulated for a “human being” regardless of political factors. The US House Committee on Foreign Affairs impeached US negligence during the killings in 2011. Daniel Benjamin, the State Department’s coordinator for counter-terrorism has garbled all tangible ground facts only to highlight US reluctance towards basic humanitarian laws, which seriously place it on the heavy side of “Lady Justice.” For hundreds seriously wounded and handicapped in 2011 by, deprivation of mobility is deprivation of freedom . Displaying “minimum” humanitarian gesture by State Department officials would have only been to the advantage of the Obama Administration at times of a heated election campaign race. In this particular case it seems that “Hawks” do “pick out hawks’ eyes”. Is Water, food and shades to protect burning sun of 60 degrees centigrade in anyway undermining “Iraqi Sovereignty” and jeopardizing US interests? 2000 people crammed in temporary bungalows which set temperatures as high as 60 degrees Celsius under the sun, with no shades, no generators t or electricity to pump water, no cooling systems allowed, are ground facts concerning Camp Liberty. All needs have been prevented artfully by Iraqi elements loyal to Tehran after “negotiations” observed by US-UN representatives. This, of course is to spare the “observers” embarrassment of the failure to obligate the Iraqis to commitments. Chapter 3 of the MoU stipulates that the Iraqi government will respect and guarantee the humanitarian rights of the camp residents and that the Iraqi government will allow the residents to obtain, with their own funds, the basic necessities of the residents such as food, water, communication devices, hygiene commodities, and cleaning and maintenance tools. The residents have been deprived of needs since day one of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between UN and Iraq without their consent. The irony is the commitment displayed by residents to oblige the MoU and prevent the Maliki government from slick attempts to dupe US-UN observers on the ground of their constant breach of agreement. Weeks of constant talks involving resident representatives and the UN-US-Iraqi counterparts over basic needs of Liberty residents have been grueling and acrimonious. The meetings have evidently been characterized by sly diplomatic intrigue, brutal arm twisting, pompous political grandstanding on Iraqi part and foul grandstand of the US State department. Needs of the residents, are expertly scrapped off the list when Iraqi elements forwards a new version of inconsistent ‘solutions’ and pretend to play in tune with expectations. According to relatives of residents, items such as expensive power generators, bought by the residents are black listed whilst residents are asked to buy older versions from third countries. The only radical assumption to this would be a grand preparation for a grand looting scheme in Camp Ashraf , after complete relocation of the residents and the delay of convoys to the new camp. The residents’ list of “needs” is realistic in face of plots and ploys to “starve, dehydrate” and force residents to buckle under pressure. Tehran, which has enormous political sway over Baghdad in the post-U.S. vacuum, is terrified at the thought of having MEK supporters on its doorstep. The two regimes therefore hatched a plan to massacre the 3,400 men, women and children who had made Ashraf their home or force them to surrender by the end of last year. The role of the US however, is under International scrutiny. The MEK and Ashraf residents are the litmus test for the US administration in the eye of all nations in the region. This was a clear message outspoken by delegations from the Middle East and the Horn of Africa who looked at the movement as the “key to peace and against Islamic fundamentalism. The MEK seems to have delivered its good will gesture. The ball seems to be in US court. How far is the Administration ready to go with tyrants? Is Lady Liberty dying?