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President Obama-Ashraf Countdown to Genocide

President OBAMA: Prevent Genocide at Camp Ashraf

Ashraf countdown to Genocide...

&ldquo&ldquoWe&rsquove got to do all we can to raise awareness of this so that people will know what is going on &ndash but more importantly, so that the Iraqi Government knows that the world is watching&rdquo
Only before Christmas time ( less than 65 days away) more than 3,400 people face eviction from their home of 21 years in what Labour peer and civil liberties champion Lord Robin Corbett has described as &lsquoa pact with the devil&rsquo
Camp Ashraf, 60 miles northeast of Baghdad, is home to 3,400 members of Iran&rsquos principal opposition movement, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK). Some 1,000 of the residents are women and one-third are former political prisoners in Iran, who survived the Iranian regime&rsquos reign of terror and found safe haven across the border. Hundreds of university graduates from the United States and Europe joined them in the campaign to establish a secular, democratic, and non-nuclear republic in Iran. In July 2004, the United States recognized the residents of Ashraf as &ldquoprotected persons&rdquo under the Fourth Geneva Convention and signed an agreement with each resident to protect them until their final disposition. In violation of that commitment, the US handed over protection to Iraq in 2009.On April 8, 2011, Iraqi forces, acting at the behest of Tehran, attacked Ashraf, killing 36 and wounding hundreds more. In a similar assault in July 2009, eleven residents were killed.

My name is Shaghayegh, I am 14, at Camp Ashraf
Our City Ashraf has now been turned into a Concentration Camp by Al-Maliki forces.
It&rsquos now more than 2 years we are under siege.
Last night was freezing, but our fuel is cut.
They threaten us 24 hours a day through 300 huge loudspeakers.
My brother said, the mullahs are helping them out.
I saw new huge black boxes next to the speakers. My brother said it&rsquos a communication interceptor and they want to cut us off from the outside world. What does he mean?
President Obama,
I want to be free like your daughter. I want my friends to have the same chance in Iran. But the Mullahs kill anyone who is with us.
They want us all killed like Srebrenica
Will you save us?! Is it my fault since I want the same thing my dad and my sister wished for; to be Free? They were both killed; my dad was killed by the mullahs, my sister: by Maliki forces. Will I be killed too?
Dear US president Obama,
Only you in this world can help us. Otherwise we will all be killed.
Tell Maliki to stop threatening us.
My mum said, Maliki just said they will do everything they like to push us out of our city Ashraf. They will kill us and say that we did not let them into our camp like the last time.
Mr President, I am scared!
The UN has already started work to grant the refugees status, but this is needs time.
President Obama
can intervene and impel the Iraqis to lift the illegal deadline
President OBAMA: Prevent Genocide at Camp Ashraf
The Clock is ticking!

In less than 65 days, 3400 defenseless civilians face a holocaust in refugee camp Ashraf


The people of Camp Ashraf need our help,don't let the a greater genocidal happen at Camp Ashraf:
Write, Call, email, twit your concern to #Obama
Camp Ashraf is home to 3,400 members of the Iranian opposition group, the People&rsquos Mujahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). They are &ldquoprotected persons&rdquo under the Geneva Convention and the USA is legally and morally responsible for their safety and security. Please ask President Obama to take immediate action in terms of supporting the Ashraf people.
Our urgent demands are:

- To impel the Iraqi MP-Maliki to Withdraw his ultimatum in order to give the UNHCR ample time to review the refugee status of the defense less residents, as it has started to do.
- Provide help for UN agencies in their mandate to establish UNAMI monitoring team, which is to resolve the humanitarian crisis in the camp.
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